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Description:   This is planned to be a recall of tClock2 ( ). It not only tweaks the systray-clock, but offers some gimmicks, that are treated "new" in some modern OS. This project is meant as a kind of base to start from for interested people customize desktop-iconscustomize start-menucustomize systray and clockcustomize taskbar (icons only, no text)...

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Open Recall Open Recall is easy-to-use reminder tool. Recurring tasks are supported. One of the goals is to reduce the amount of annoying popup windows by collecting multiple remind items to one screen.

retain and recall rr ("retain and recall") is a basic command-line utility to retain/recall the full path of filenames and directories. So, for example, "/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf" can be referenced as "//httpd.conf" in daily operations.

Content Aware Image Resizer CAIR - Content Aware Image Resizer is a high performance, multi-threaded C++ library that performs image retargeting by seam carving. Please see for more information.

CluserE ClusterE is a scalable platform, in which a series of evaluation methods, such as recall, precision, sensitivity, specificity, p-value, and function enrichment, are implemented. Moreover, five clustering algorithms are developed in this platform.

HP25c - BlackBerry Storm RPN Calculator This application emulates an HP25c RPN calculator on a BlackBerry Storm/Storm 2. It is 100% compatible with the classic pocket calculator of the late 1970s, is fully programmable, and will include a program librarian to save and recall user programs. 100% compatible with the classic ...

t5tux T5Tux est une version du systeme GNU/Linux destinee a remplacer Windows CE / XPe sur les clients legers HP T5x00 et NCD Thinstar 532,564 / NEOWARE EON Actuellement, t5tux est utilisable sur T55xx et T57xx NCD Thinstar 532,564.

tEYEny tEYEny is intended to be a hybrid cloud operating system based on the EyeOS cloud OS and the TinyCore linux distribution. tEYEny combines these by running eyeOS on a local webserver in tinyCore and using a modified Firefox browser to interact with it

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